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Ominous signs

Introducing our first Hang Your Heads in Shame Awards: COVID-19 edition By Stephen Trumper My intention after leaving hospital last winter following two months of purging the infections of quadruple pneumonia, including several weeks on a ventilator, was to rest, relax and reflect on life. For a month I had the good fortune to accomplish […]

Not all masks are created equal #MaskUp

Buy Canadian and stay safe! Wearing a face mask has become a critical part of Canada’s campaign to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protecting yourself from infection. But not all masks are made equal and there are many poor quality and homemade options flooding the market. What your family needs during this time is: […]

Making your home accessible to everyone

The pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives. From work, home, school, to how we shop and entertain ourselves, there isn’t one aspect of our lives that hasn’t been impacted in some way by COVID-19. One thing that the pandemic has brought to the forefront is the conditions of many senior living facilities across […]

Asking all Canadians to join the conversation

Jeff Willbond, Canada Post’s Director of Accessibility talks with Abilities magazine about his role as a change agent. (CAF) When we think of Canada Post, many of us fall back on the stereotypical post office building in our community and the mail delivery agent who brings the post to our homes. Can you tell us […]

Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification (RHFAC)

Every day, Canadians struggle to access the spaces we live, work, learn, and play, because of physical barriers to accessibility. In 2017, the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) launched RHF Accessibility Certification, a rating system which measures the level of meaningful access of the built environment and promotes increased access through the

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