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The Skinny on The Accessible Canada Act

In 2015, federal Minister Carla Qualtrough held cross-country consultations on accessibility and inclusion that led to the drafting of Bill C-81—the proposed legislation for

Four Rooms A Meditation on Life, Death and Aging with a Disability

By Stephen Trumper My Bedroom Early morning, Monday, May 6, 2019 I wake up abruptly, gasping for air. I’m startled, but not surprised. For the past couple of days my breathing

How I Manage

By Catherine brooks I’m a 33-year-old partner at law firm Moores, a co-founder of an online beauty business called Natural Supply Co., a mother to a little boy, and I live

Gestures In praise of pleasure, thoughtfulness and the softer side of life

By Stephen Trumper In disability circles, as we all know only too well, there is frequent talk—incessant carping, some might insist—about tearing down barriers to increase

Home Sweet Home

By Kevin Spurgaitis Yes, fancy stainless-steel appliances and granite countertops are nice to have, but what should be more prominent in new housing are accessible design

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