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Taxes and disability benefits:

Maximizing the opportunities By Tina Tehranchian A disabled person may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit. If you have never applied for this benefit before and you happen to qualify for it, you can request that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) adjust your previous years’ tax returns and you may go back quite a few years […]

The joy of volunteering

A look at the charitable sector in Canada People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some, it offers the chance to give something back to their local community. For others, it provides an opportunity to develop new skills. During times of uncertainty and challenges, many of us feel the need to lend […]

Great expectations: On the job at 55+

Whether it’s topping up pension income, pursuing a life-long interest or to paying daily bills, many Canadians continue to want to stay on the payroll.  Full-time, part-time or on a flexible basis, one in four of us is staying on the job after age 55. You can find us in small and large businesses, every […]

Let’s talk about fidgeting

A new pilot done by researchers in New Zealand suggests a link between fidgeting and improved cognitive performance. While the study was initially designed to evaluate the brains of people with ADHD, scientists found fidgeting increased blood flow in the prefrontal cortex, the executive decision making region of the brain in participants

I’ll never be an ‘‘other’’

By Tai Young Inever liked the word ‘‘other.’’ It would taunt me in the school halls, interrupt a pleasant day at the fair, inhibit me from going places, and never failed to remind me that I was different. You could imagine my confusion, considering the fact that I’ve never actually felt different. However feeling is […]

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