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Living with a dysregulated nervous system Having sensory input balance is essential for our body’s nervous system to function, regulate, and process information. So, when our senses get overwhelmed, overstimulated or under stimulated there is often a physical and emotional reaction which results in stress and burnout.  Fight, flight or

Informative and Meaningful Selections

Disabled but not really By Wesley Hamilton  One man’s amazing journey toward happiness began the day he was shot by a stranger. While Wesley’s injuries left him disabled, he has boldly turned his story into opportunity to find meaning and inspire others. Source: Let’s Talk Disability and Sex A new series that

Airlines’ Treatment of Disabled Passengers is Horrifying  

Our Word By Peter Tonge Airline travel is stressful for anyone, especially for a person with a disability. A disabled traveller has the usual concerns, such as scheduling and connections, plus additional concerns about the safety of their mobility equipment.  Worldwide, airlines have a poor record for safely transporting mobility equipment.

In The News

Ambidextrous artist  By Margherita Cole Most artists spend a lifetime honing their drawing skills with their dominant hand. However, one exceptionally talented artist is creating realistic portraits using both her hands and feet.  Based in the Netherlands, 29-year-old Rajacenna van Dam has become famous for her unbelievable

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs up…to BC Labour Minister Harry Bains for introducing legislation to bring overdue changes to the province’s worker compensation system and rebalance the province’s supports for people hurt on the job.Source: The Tyee Thumbs down…to P&O Cruises for ordering two blind passengers to leave the ship before it left the harbour, citing


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