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Twenty years of marriage equality?

No, not for Ontarians living with disabilities By Jeff Rock Twenty years ago, on Jan. 14, 2001, the world’s first modern-day same-sex marriages were celebrated at the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto using a technique called “the reading of the banns,” which allows clergy to legally perform a marriage ceremony and file the paperwork

Back to the drawing board

BY TRUDO LEMMENS & LEAH KRAKOWITZ-BROKER It will soon be easier and faster to get a medically assisted death than many disability supports in Canada. To meet the twice-renewed deadline imposed by the Quebec Superior Court in the Truchon case, the federal government is pushing its new Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) bill through


By Stephen Trumper I am not someone who quickly, publicly hurls around terms like “ableism,” “discrimination” and “able‑bodied privilege.” But maybe it’s time to start. As a kid there were days when I seethed with anger about my spinal‑cord disability. I often wanted to curse the world. I was called names, teased, spat on and, […]

Stop making the same mistakes

BY JULIE SAWCHUK, SAMANTHA PROULX AND JANE VORBRODT If a bathroom is going to be accessible there are upwards of eight decisions (and each one counts)— considerations such as floor mount or wall hung, tank vs no tank, manual flush or automatic, toilet seat height, back support or toilet seat lid, shape of the toilet […]

Thumbs Up & Down

THUMBS UP to Sarah Still for her “Revolution of Love.” When the animosity, conflict and stress of 2020 got too much, the cheerful 38-year-old who lives with autism painted signs on poster boards, left the warmth of her cozy apartment and stood on street corners, offering her messages of positivity. Source: THUMBS DOWN

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