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Handling tight work deadlines 

I’m a happily employed accounting assistant at a large company that I secured through my job coach from Reena’s Channels supported employment program.

New 4 You

Fun and Fabulous Products Weatherman umbrella Thanks to a whole lot of innovative engineering, this collapsible umbrella by Weatherman can withstand wind gusts up to 55 mph. Designed by a meteorologist who’d spent his life in all sorts of inclement weather, this brolly will survive drops and wind inversion—a weak point for most

Why I like the idea of a new name for schizophrenia

A survey in the journal Schizophrenia Research found 71.4 percent of respondents thought schizophrenia was a stigmatising name. One of the terms most preferred as an alternative was “altered perception syndrome.”

Child’s play

“By providing children with a standard doll alongside a doll that’s customized with adaptive or medical apparatus, ADI kids get the message that there are other children like them and model the ideal of typically-abled and differently-abled kids playing together."

What you need to know about anticholinergic medications

Some medications you take for allergies, sleep, nausea, depression or incontinence belong to a group of medications called anticholinergic medications. They work by blocking a chemical in your body called acetylcholine. 


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