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Do you have FOSO?

The fear of switching off We’ve all seen it… in the midst of a busy airport, city tours and pastoral tourist treks, there’s always one family member huddled in the corner or stepping away to anxiously respond to workplace texts, emails or phones calls. Spending vacation time glued to work phones and email has, it […]

Every scar tells a story…a look at elder abuse

One in ten Canadians over the age of 65 experience some form of abuse and neglect and that number is expected to rise as the number of older adults increases According to the World Health Organization, domestic abuse, also called “domestic violence” or “intimate partner violence”, is explained as a pattern of behaviour in any […]


Difference Maker of the Year, Caden Teneycke raises awareness about accessibility and inclusion   With a TikTok following of over 800,000, Caden uses his platform to advocate for accessibility. Across TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, Caden seeks to spread awareness to his 1.2 million followers about living with his rare form of

Thumbs Up/Down

THUMBS UP… to the Canadian Paralympic Committee for their dedication to building a more inclusive sporting landscape nationwide. With eighteen 2023-24 Paralympic Sport Development Fund grants being distributed to deserving organizations, Para sport programs in Canada are set to flourish. These grants will be pivotal in expanding sport pathways

Tele-mentoring program helps doctors…

…and other frontline health-care providers handle challenging return-to-work cases Participants find support and expert advice in world’s first ECHO program on occupational and environmental medicine. Family physician Thushiyanthy Sriharan runs a two-doctor practice in the suburbs of Toronto. Her caseload of about 2,000 patients means


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