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Ups and Downs

A life—with stairs By Stephen Trumper You were just like the nuthatch!” a classmate chirped out in amazement as friends gathered around me while I lay, moaning lightly, at the bottom of a school staircase. The tumble happened at afternoon recess. Earlier, in morning science class, we had been learning about birds, in particular a […]

Accessible restaurants in Toronto worth a visit

One of the greatest strengths of Toronto’s food scene is its diversity, a reflection of the city’s reputation as a melting pot of different people and cultures. Being able to hop from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, picking up world-class dishes that stand toe-to-toe with their international origins, is a privilege that we never take for

In The News

Outdoorsy Groups MAKE Hiking Inclusive By Jennifer Flowers The long-held assumption that hiking is the domain of a mostly white, mostly male, ultra-fit, able-bodied crowd appears to be on its way out, thanks to a growing number of community-led groups with an emphasis on hiking for all: • Unlikely Hikers started with the aim to […]

How Canada can uphold the rights of children

By Anne Levesque and Malorie Kanaan The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child recently issued observations on Canada’s compliance with international human rights law regarding children. One of the committee’s key recommendations advised Canada to establish an independent mechanism for monitoring children’s rights by receiving,

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs up…to The University of Toronto for launching a new degree in Black health. U of T is starting a Master of Public Health in Black Health to specifically train students entering health-care fields on how to improve the system and provide better care. Source: Thumbs up…to the Government of Spain which is seeking […]

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