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Rethinking Inclusion

By Jonah S.C. Muskat-Brown We speak a lot about inclusion, both in the private and public sectors. We strive to make our communal institutions and workplaces more accessible

A Fast-Track Guide to Building an Inclusive Workforce

By Joanna Samuels Over the past decade, in my capacity as a job developer/job coach, I have been helping employers from different industries in the local labour market with

From Sidewalks to Skyscrapers Accessibility Matters

By Rick Hansen Last year, Canadian history was made as the federal government started the process of introducing ground-breaking accessibility legislation. Bill C-81, the

What Will Happen to My Child When I’m Gone

Kenneth Pope LLB, TEP will be sharing with us a series of articles that support special need and disability estate planning  Supreme Court settles Henson Trust issue, Pope

Me, Myself, and Traveling the World

I used to think I could never travel to places on my own, with my anxiety and sheer lack of confidence. I felt fortunate to live in Canada, as many of our country’s greatest

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