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Happy habits Having a “glass half-full” mentality can lower blood pressure, strengthen the heart, and reduce stress and body weight. Look on the bright side by: 1 Turning that frown upside down. The actual act of smiling emits serotonin (the happy hormone) and creates a stimulating, positive environment. 2 Not playing the blame game. Take […]

Thumbs up/down

THUMBS UP to Starbucks for opening its first signing store in Japan on June 27, 2020. Situated in Kunitachi city, Tokyo, the new coffee shop celebrates Deaf culture and sign language through clever design tools and vibrant artwork. Source: THUMBS DOWN to the hospital staff at Toronto Grace Hospital for shutting-off patient,

Tour a wheelchair accessible log cabin

Finding a dreamy log cabin that is also wheelchair accessible can certainly be tricky! After much searching,  Adventures by Jamie, found the perfect wheelchair accessible cabin in Clayton, GA.

What will it take to prevent the next pandemic?

Fighting infectious disease in 2020 This video comes from the Weizmann Institute of Science, visit

Creating accessibility allies and environments for all abilities

BY BENJAMIN REMPEL After a variety of life experiences, none more jarring than a major head on collision, Dawn Campbell’s philosophy is always to create inclusive and accessible environments. “I sustained a lot of damage,” she says. “Doctors thought they would need to amputate my leg from the knee down.” After extensive rehab to walk […]

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