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Money Talks offers two comprehensive booklets, delivered in two sets. The first focused on financial literacy for youth living with disabilities and the second is formed through the lense of applying traditional Indigenous principles to money management for Indigenous youth.
Separated into basic and advanced booklets, each is crafted with the understanding that navigating your personal finances can be both empowering and challenging. Our goal is to provide you with valuable insights, practical tips, and a fulfilling financial future. Everyone, regardless of their unique abilities, deserves the opportunity to thrive and make informed decisions about their financial future.

Financial fundamentals for
youth with disabilities

Financial fundamentals for
Indigenous youth


Our basic booklet aims to assist you in building financial resilience, banking basics, beginner budgeting and identifying you financial goals,
and tips to save money.



Our Indigenous booklet offers ways to apply traditional indigenous principles to money management. It also provides wisdom from indigenous elders in regard to money culture.


Follow along with these helpful
7 worksheets to improve
your knowledge.

We’ve taken some of your most
common questions and posted them in an easy-to-use format.

What’s your “money personality”

One size may not fit all. Here you can explore effective, yet personalized strategies that’ll help guide you to create a budget and financial management habits tailored to your uniqueness.

Car loan options for ODSP

With a specialized area for Indigenous people, CIBC provides personal and business banking services, and investment management support plus info on  Reconciliation and education.

A look at Indigenous markets

See various car loan options tailored to individuals living with disabilities or on Ontario Disability Support (ODSP). Insights on financial support and accessible financing solutions are provided.

Pain of rejection

Job searching can be challenging,
and feel like an uphill battle. This article provides tips for dealing with the pain of rejection.

Estate planning essentials

Effectively preserve your wealth and worldly goods in a manner that aligns with your wishes, don’t forget about estate-planning.

Understanding the gap

Touching on the barriers for BIPOC communities, this article helps identify possible ways we can find solutions and tools to help gain greater financial literacy.

Managing money with ADHD

At the heart, ADHD is a dopamine deficiency, and that lack of dopamine produces interesting, sometimes unhelpful effects. It’s possible to navigate finances even when your brain gets in the way.

Taxes and Disability Benefits

Uncover vital information about disability tax credits in Canada. Check out these practical insights and tips about available credits to maximize financial benefits for those with disabilities.

CPP Disability Benefits

Dive into the complexities of CPP disability benefits, with an examination of eligibility criteria, application processes, and key considerations for individuals navigating the Canadian disability support system.

Etiquette for working remotely

As we enter a new type of workforce, it is important to remember these tips to remain professional when working remotely, or in a hybrid work environment.

Protect yourself against fraud

CIBC experts share how to recognize fraud and the tactics, and signs used by fraudsters. Get tips for how to respond if you are suspiciously contacted.

Empower black people to invest

The racial wealth gap has made headlines in recent years. This is a look at how to lessen gaps reduce stigma and improve generational wealth.

Financial confidence for women

Mindfulness & Money for Women seeks to help break down unique challenges women face in financial literacy and achieving financial independence.

7 Tips for living with uncertainty

Everyone’s life is filled with uncertainty and the threat of the unknown, some more than others. This article provides tips to remain resilient in the face of change.

Accessibility guidelines

Take a look at CIBC’s accessibility page and their commitment to providing inclusive services. Detailed guidelines include ensuring equal and  diversity.

Pivoting 101

In today’s workforce, there’s often no clear pathway to success. In order to remain agile, and prosper at work, learn how to master the art of the pivot.

Handling tight work deadlines

Dealing with new responsibilities and tight deadlines are stresses that can be unavoidable, as you begin your career. Find ways to manage stress and stay on track.

Accessibility services

Not all disabilities are the same, information can be found here about the different accessibility supports offered by CIBC for various types of disabilities.

Financial stability in your 20’s

Discover practical tips for debt avoidance in your 20s with insights from experts.

Tips to save on groceries

Often a costly expense, these tips will help you find ways to save on groceries.

Budget and cash flow calculator

Plan your spending for a comprehensive saving and spending strategy.

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