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What Is the Difference Between Real Money Casinos and Social Casinos?

There are all sorts of casino sites available online. All of them offer different ways to enjoy casino games which is why they get a lot of attention. They can be divided into groups depending on the payment methods and the sorts of games they offer. But they are also divided into real money and social casinos.

Any real money casino will give you the opportunity to win and withdraw your winnings. Social casinos come with virtual tokens so you’ll get virtual prizes. These are only some of the differences between real money casinos and social ones. Both tend to entertain players in different ways, but they are quite popular with casino fans across the world.

Real Money Casinos – Profit Potential

There are lots of online casinos out there that let players enjoy their favorite games. Regardless if they’re reputable or rising casinos they remain popular by offering the right things. Just as people visit sites for life tips, casino fans visit real-money casinos to enjoy their favorite games. These sites offer a plethora of games such as slots with all sorts of themes and features, table games, live dealer titles as well as additional titles like scratchcards, bingo, and keno titles.

What all these games have in common is that they offer players a chance to win. They have regular prizes and jackpots, which can either be fixed or progressive. To ensure fair play, these sites come with random number generators, that create random patterns for slots and table games. On top of that, they need licenses that are granted by authoritative bodies that continue to monitor them after they’ve gotten a license. There are also bonuses and promotions that help players have a better shot at landing a prize.

They need to cater to players’ security and safety while they’re on the site. The profit potential is one of the key differences between real money and social casinos. In a way, real-money casinos are social ones as they offer demo variants of games to players. So anyone looking to enjoy a game for the thrill of it can create an account at such a site. They don’t need to deposit any funds, just go for the game section. The site might prompt them to go fund their account, but they don’t need to do so.

Social Casinos – Entertainment and Engagement

The giant that is the gaming industry knows the importance of keeping players engaged. This principle is present and vital to the survival of the iGaming sector as well. Both social and real-money casinos must adhere to this principle and they do so in different ways. Aside from the potential for a prize, Real-money casinos throw in some interesting promotions. These offers bring a better volume of prizes that can be available daily or weekly.

Naturally, they come with various wagering requirements and time limits. In addition to these offers, real-money casinos offer loyalty programs or VIP schemes. They do so to reward loyal players. Members of such programs can enjoy a variety of better bonuses and prizes, than regular players.

On the other hand, social casinos focus on fostering a sense of community as an engagement principle. Social casino communities thrive on the site as players chat with one another during gameplay or afterward. They keep themselves entertained via the palette of casino games available.

Social casinos are similar to real-money casinos in that they offer a variety of games to players. Mostly, the game section contains slots and table games. However, social casinos work with virtual money or tokens that don’t have any value. In other words, social casinos are ideal for people looking to find like-minded individuals that look forward to enjoying casino games for the thrill of it.

Players are given a sum of tokens they can spend on their favorite games. If they lose, they lose tokens and if they win, they get more tokens to play with. In addition to that, social casinos create tournaments and leaderboards to keep players engaged. Anyone can make it to the top or win the competition, but the main thing is that they’re having fun.

Monetization Strategies

Both types of casinos have different ways to generate profits since they have large teams of people they need to pay for keeping their sites operational. Real-money casinos have all sorts of options when it comes to monetization. These include a variety of bonus offers and promotions. They might or might not need a deposit, but they will come with wagering requirements. Loyalty programs are essential to players and customers which is why most real-money casinos offer them. They give loyal players a shot at better prizes with improved bonuses.

Social casinos don’t offer bonuses, but they have ways of monetizing their content. They offer in-app purchases that allow players to get more tokens and enjoy an immersive gaming experience. They also sell all sorts of virtual items to keep operations running. In other words, players at social casinos can use real money to buy more virtual ones, but they can’t turn tokens into real money. When they go for such a purchase, they contribute to the site and their entertainment. Instead of paying more to have a higher win potential, social casinos focus on the thrill of gaming rather than the prize. Real-money casinos offer more prizes.

Final Words

Social and real-money casinos are not that different as both are looking to entertain players in different ways. Real-money casino sites tend to focus on giving players more chances at winning prizes and keeping them. Social casinos emphasize the entertainment principle and let players enjoy games for the thrill of it with virtual tokens.

Both have various ways of monetizing their content, but they care for the well-being of their players. These two types of casinos will remain popular as they appeal to masses of casino fans. Both offer their favorite games and a chance to win, which is what casino entertainment is all about.

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