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Swift’s song could saves lives

Taylor Swift’s infectious anthem, “The Man” is coincidently set to a steady tempo of 110 bpm. Coincidentally the song has the exact rhythm that experts recommend for performing chest compressions on a person in medical distress. So, when it doubt, sing it out.

Ironman adds new Intellectual Disability Division

In a move to bolster inclusion, Ironman is giving athletes with intellectual disabilities a new way to compete. The triathlon series, which takes place around the world, is adding intellectual disability to its existing “physically challenged” division to create a “Physically Challenged/Intellectual Disability Open” category.

Athletes who are part of the new race grouping will be eligible for slots to compete in the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 World Championship, officials said.

Chris Nikic, the first person with Down syndrome to complete an Ironman, has been pushing races to add a category for neurodivergent athletes. “Inclusion in Ironman changed my life because it helped me get my dreams by giving me a big crazy goal,” Nikic said. “Now I also have a purpose to help others enjoy this amazing opportunity.”

Did You Know?

80% of medical products used in Canada are imported.   

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