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Canada Has Approved its First 3D-Printed Implant

3D printers are revolutionizing health care and improving life for patients after illness. Click here to find out about the first 3D-printed implant in Canada.

In recent years, you may have heard a lot about 3D printers. Indeed, this innovative technology means that you are able to design and create three dimensional solid objects. The most recent industry to benefit from this type of technology is the dental industry. An exciting development has come from Health Canada as they approve a 3D printed medical implant. This is going to mean a lot of positive changes for many people and particularly those with oral cancer. Let’s take a look at the first 3D-printed implant in Canada.


New 3D Printed Device is Revolutionary

 It is amazing what 3D printers can achieve. You can have more than just some fun with them. What they can create is revolutionary and the items have the ability to have a great impact on someone’s life. In particular, this 3D-printed device in a lower jaw plate, which is also called a mandibular plate. You will see reference to it as its brand name, which is Specific 3D mandibular plate. It has been created by 3D Anatomical Construction Laboratory.

This device is customizable and it can be used for a number of reasons. In particular, it is going to be highly beneficial for oral cancer sufferers and in reconstruction surgery. The mandibular plate can also be beneficial for cutting and drilling operations, as it can serve alongside surgical guides.


Help for Oral Cancer Sufferers

Unfortunately, there are a lot of patients with oral cancer that have to have part of their lower jaw removed, describes a dentist located in Hamilton. While this is a necessary step, it is often one that can mean disfigurement after treatment. But, this is where a mandibular plate can help. This can be used to rein introduce the patient’s facial contour and mean better support. A patient is going to be able to speak better, as well as restore normal chewing and function of the jaw. Overall, this means that a patient is able to improve their quality of life after oral cancer. The mandibular plate is all about helping with bone fusion in reconstructive surgery.

As previously mentioned, the mandibular plate is customizable. This allows patients to achieve the treatment they need as it can be printed accordingly. The plate is going to be made from titanium grade 23, which means durability or longevity. Overall, this means that the patient is going to enjoy the solution they need in order to live a healthy and ordinary lifestyle moving forward.

There is a lot of progress being made thanks to 3D printers. For example, there have been implants created at the University of Basel to help with eye socket fractures.  There were also bone implants that have been created with 3D printing and they are porous. It will be exciting to see what the next invention is going to be and how the patients can benefit from it. No doubt, 3D printers are going to be a big part of the future and there is a lot that patients will be able to enjoy as a result of this progression.

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