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Thumbs up, thumbs down

THUMBS UP to YouTube for making it harder to target kids with adverts. The popular online video platform was fined $170 million by the Federal Trade Commission in September for collecting children’s data without their parents’ permission. YouTube has now instituted a rule that limits how much data creators can collect from kids who watch their content.

THUMBS DOWN to Equestrian Canada (EC) for barring a 10-year-old, legally blind rider from competition. Kyra Barrett from Pritchard, BC, loves horse riding, especially jumping, and has been using a guide horse and verbal commands from another rider to enjoy the sport. Kyra’s mother says that earlier in 2019, EC approved the use of a guide horse and certified her daughter for para-equestrian classification. This approval cleared Kyra to enter competitions alongside able-bodied riders. However, after an event in Campbell Valley, Barrett says she found out EC had reversed its certification, saying the use of a guide horse doesn’t fall under its list of approved aides.

THUMBS UP to the National Yacht Club for its partnership with Able Sail Toronto (AST). Sailing is a versatile sport that adapts to the needs of people with physical disabilities. AST’s activities are designed to relieve the physical obstacles that challenge people with mobility problems, and this partnership with the National will help to open up the waters.

THUMBS DOWN to the passenger who yelled at Megan Taylor and her guide dog to get off a bus. After Megan explained that her lab was an assistance dog, the passenger refused to believe her, stating that “Guidedogs are yellow.” Megan says this isn’t the first time she has been abused on public transport, and is anxious about taking the bus again.

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