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woman holding sending love and miracles

THUMBS UP to Sarah Still for her “Revolution of Love.” When the animosity, conflict and stress of 2020 got too much, the cheerful 38-year-old who lives with autism painted signs on poster boards, left the warmth of her cozy apartment and stood on street corners, offering her messages of positivity.


THUMBS DOWN to Yukon’s Mt. Sima. Skiers using adaptive equipment were told that they are “a special user group” and as such, asked to make concessions. The hill defended its lack of inclusivity and accessibility saying, “everyone’s needs cannot be met.” Really?

Source: Mt. Sima, Whitehorse, Yukon

THUMBS DOWN to the Ford Government for not leading by example by sending an inaccessible invitation to an announcement by Seniors and Accessibility Minster Raymond Cho. AODA Alliance Chair David Lepofsky, who is blind, could not read the invitation using his computer’s screen-reading software.


THUMBS UP to Alberta’s Carson Swazey, age 19 who lives with autism and has lost 75 pounds walking to his mailbox. Carson garnered international support online after his mom, Amanda Kinney, shared his weightloss journey.

Carson Swazey sitting at his table opening an Amazon package


THUMBS DOWN to CBS’ “The Stand” series for casting a hearing actor in a Deaf role. The day the series premiered a statement from 70 Deaf professionals was posted to Twitter to protest that “not one Deaf professional actor was called in to audition for the role.”

the cast of CBS's The Stand


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