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Half the pair is half the price

Zappos is testing a first-of-its-kind program that sells single sneakers and pairs with mixed sizes. Notably, there is no price bump for singles. Big-name brands include Converse, Nike, and New Balance. Fingers crossed—there’s a strong response to sustain the program.

More comfortable brain scans

A team of researchers from Te Herenga Waka in New Zealand has developed a new patient handling system to make MRI scanning of the brain more comfortable, accessible, and affordable. Patients even have a window to see out of, therefore reducing claustrophobia.

Tactile pregnancy test

A prototype of the first accessible pregnancy test for people with vision loss comes from UK’s RNIB. Results are tactile, with raised bumps indicating positive results. With existing tests, some women need help to read results, which means they can never be the first to know, and can’t experience that moment privately.

Somebotty to love?

Replika is a smartphone app designed to deliver A.I.-generated conversation that was downloaded by more than half a million people last year. Most people named their Replikas and many counted on them as friends or romantic partners.

Totally twisty

A unique manipulative puzzle that’s a snappy little brainteaser and promises to enhance both your logic and problem-solving skills. You won’t be able to put it down!

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