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Dogs are my kids and key to a longer life

A 108-year-old woman attributes her longevity to a life surrounded by dogs instead of children. She asserts that unconditional love, companionship, and daily walks with her canine have played a pivotal role in her health and happiness. Emphasizing the joy and sense of purpose provided by her dog. She had announced that the positive impact on her pets’ overall wellbeing is the main factor of why she is still around.

AI identifies vulnerable folks for preventative care

To reduce unnecessary hospitalization, four British GPs are testing an artificial intelligence tool to support older adults in their community of practice. Then, based on the situation and person’s need, assigned staff can proactively check in and dispatch volunteers, health coaches or food parcels for example to provide support. The jury is still out on this form of preventative care that anticipates the needs and risks.

Wreck the dress—a domestic violence fundraiser event

On a Bright, Ont. farm, an annual fundraiser supporting a scholarship fund for domestic violence survivors is an “uplifting and soul-satisfying fashion domestic violence fundraiser event,” says farm owner Cheryl Haskett. Women attendees are invited to wear their wedding dresses and, for one last hurrah, they get down and dirty in the mud with baby goats in order to conclude a chapter in their lives that no longer serves them.

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