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Flic 2 Smart Button

Imagine returning home and with a single tap on your Flic, triggering a sequence of events. On go your lights, your favourite playlist starts, and the thermostat adjusts to your preferred temperature. Instead of apps or voice commands; push a button. The new Flic 2 Smart Button is simple to set-up and even simpler to use. Connect to the Flic App or to the Flic Hub for thousands of possibilities.

Wyze Sprinkler Control

The Wyze sprinkler controller makes accessible 8 zones make watering a breeze. Easily start or stop a watering schedule with just a tap in the app.

Nobi AI Smart Lamp

An AI powered smart lamp that focuses on fall detection and prevention Nobi light detects a fall, it notifies the caregiver or family members so help can be summoned.


A gamechanger for the hard of hearing this new attachment for eyeglasses provides transcriptions in-real time. TranscribeGlass—a start-up by two Stanford students is an AR device that shows subtitles in front of the wearers eyes as they listen to a conversation. Users can choose their own language.

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