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A selection of fun and fabulous high-tech products you may want to know about...

Fun and Fabulous High-Tech Products

eComfort Home Office
Here’s a portable lap desk you can use for typing, taking notes, and for handy stationery storage. Its design also includes a removable top, which can be propped at an angle for tablet viewing, or sketching and drawing. And for business types, the back of the lid will double as a dry-erase board for presentations. Magnets hold the lid firmly in place so you can carry the all-in-one workstation to your next destination.

Apple Watch Series 3
As part of Apple’s wide-ranging accessibility initiatives, their latest smartwatch offers added functionality. For instance, there’s a wheelchair workout mode that recognizes different pushing techniques for varying speeds and terrains. Sensors are also configured to detect different surface types, inclines and transition moments. For those unable to read a watch display, a gentle “tap” vibration will notify the wearer of an upcoming turn or incoming message. The VoiceOver feature will also audibly read-out displayed messages.

Weighted Sensory Blanket
These specially crafted sensory aid blankets offer an extra-tactile experience, combining velour on side and twill on the other. They are designed on the principle of deep touch pressure therapy (DTP) to help reduce stress and anxiety; allowing an increase of serotonin and dopamine production. The specialized blankets are distributed by Kozie Clothes, an adaptive medical and sensory clothing company which also features a collection of occupational therapy designed children’s apparel.

UPRIGHT GO Posture Trainer
If you need a reminder to straighten-up and fly right, this wearable device will help you with the former. The UPRIGHT GO attaches to the upper back with a small adhesive and will gently vibrate every time you slouch. An app is also available (for iOS and Android) if you wish to track progress and view daily statistics on your smartphone or tablet.

Comprehensive Rescue System
Mobilize Rescue Systems has launched an interactive “first aid kit” and app system that provides life-saving equipment and instructions to bystanders during unexpected medical emergencies. The sturdy grey kit weighs almost 8kg and is equipped with gauzes, bandages, ointments, tourniquets, chest seals and a clotting sponge all the crucial things one needs to help keep someone alive while waiting for an ambulance. Through the app interface, the user is presented with a series of simple, on-screen prompts, designed to identify and treat the most serious injuries first.

Nimble – The One Finger Cutting Tool
Worn on the tip of your finger, this bright yellow thimble-shaped tool cuts through paper, plastic and cardboard with ease and safety. Particularly useful for people with limited vision or hand function, the Nimble has a highly visible and grip-free design, and cuts with a small ceramic blade that cannot injure the skin. The item is available for purchase in Canada at


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