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A selection of fun and fabulous high-tech products you may want to know about...

Fun and Fabulous High-Tech Products

MindMaze Mask

VR tech developer MindMaze has designed this intuitive mind/machine interface, which leverages machine learning and biosignal processing to decode real-life facial expressions in tens of milliseconds. Captured expressions are then instantly replicated on a virtual reality avatar. Launched in April, MASK is expected to bring innovation in its applications across multiple industries including health-care, gaming and media.

Tailor SmartPillow

Would you like a clear picture of how well you’re sleeping? Once funded and launched, the Tailor SmartPillow will bring some promising sleep tech to the market. The device uses multiple sensors to capture detailed information on your sleeping rhythms, and photoplethysmography to detect data from the carotid artery to monitor your heart and respiratory rate.

Bragi Dash Pro Earbuds

These nifty earbuds can translate more than 40 different languages while connected to iTranslate’s software. Bragi calls the earbuds “The world’s first language-translating ear computer.” Through the innovative combination of Bragi’s technology and iTranslate’s speech recognition and software, one language can be taken in and translated into another directly into your ears.

Dring Smart Cane

This high-tech cane can detect if its owner has fallen and may be injured or ill, and alerts caregivers for help. The cane uses artificial intelligence technology to work out the user’s habits and detect any abnormal situations. A built-in gyroscope and accelerometer detect movement. The device uses the GSM network to connect to appropriate caregivers through a call, e-mail or text message. The caregiver can indicate they will take appropriate action, and an alert is sent to the user through the cane so they know help is on the way.

JACO robotic arm

JACO is a robotic arm designed to aid wheelchair users. Conceived by the Deguire family and built by Kinova Robotics, JACO can help wheelchair users with tasks ranging from pouring a glass of water to retrieving fallen objects. It’s lighter than its industrial counterparts, and features a two- or three-fingered grip that can move 360 degrees from the wrist. The result is a robotic arm that enhances wheelchair users’ self-reliance, while being so intuitive that a child as young as five can use it.

3Doodler Start

An innovative pen that allows the user to draw three-dimensional pictures in the air is leading the way in teaching children who are blind and visually impaired. Endorsed by the RNIB for its ease of use, 3Doodler Start allows children with vision loss to “see” their pictures as they draw by feeling the raised, tactile result. The pen’s latest iteration, called START, features an easily located on/off button and audio instructions (via a website) to launch aspiring artists. But 3Doodler Start isn’t only being used creatively. Teachers have found it a valuable aid when teaching subjects such as math and science. Learning has never been easier.


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