For parents out there, imagine that day when you returned home with your first child. If you’re anything like me, there was the visceral excitement of parenthood. But there also may have been a bit of nervous self-analysis about parenting. Perhaps too a twinge about money, as well as the new work, home life balance.

Now, imagine being the parent of not one baby, but three. Triplets. Suddenly, it all looks a little more daunting. And stretching the imagination even further, try to imagine that all three of the babies have serious disabilities.

That’s what happened to the Florence family in Toronto. W5 first met them in autumn of 2012. Dana used to be a teacher. Jared who at the time was her husband, was, and is an events planner. An average, young married couple who wanted a family. It took a while but in 2008 Dana became pregnant and they began planning their new lives. Then a few months into her pregnancy, she had a routine check, and received a bombshell. A nurse told the mother and father to be, to brace themselves. There was not one baby growing inside Dana, but three.