Color & Control:

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Down…to proponent of Bill C-22 that’s before parliament. According to David Lepovsky in a recent opinion piece in the Toronto Star, the bill is weak as it stands. It not only disqualifies approximately 1/3 of people with disabilities for the benefit because of their age. (Only working age people will qualify) but it also doesn’t have a provision for inflation increases or set a deadline for when payments will start.
Source: Toronto Star


Thumbs Upto Prince Harry for his heartfelt message to kids who have lost a parent in the line of duty. In his letter to members of Scotty’s Little Soldiers, an organization for military children, Harry says, “I know first-hand the pain and grief that comes with
loss and want you to know that you are not alone”.


Thumbs Up…to researchers from the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health who began a study called “Accessible Information for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Advancing Canadian Communications Standards.” The goal of the study is to learn about how people with disabilities find, understand, and use information from the Government of Canada. A step in the right direction to making all government information accessible!


Thumbs up…to Airbnb for introducing a new “adapted” category on its website. With more than 1,000 homes worldwide with features specifically modified or designed for guests with mobility needs, the company, uses spatial data company Matterport to 3D map
and verity criteria.
Source: Airbnb


Prince Harry photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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