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Photo Of Teen Supermarket Worker Walking 95-Year-Old Customer Home Goes Viral

A teen is being hailed a hero for his simple yet compassionate act.

Christian Trouesdale, an 18-year-old supermarket employee in Horwich, U.K., went above and beyond his job description, this past Friday. The teen took it upon himself  to make sure he arrived safely.


Samantha-Jayne Brady, a local fast food worker who saw the two out of a window while she was working, told HuffPost that a customer snapped a picture of the pair walking hand-in-hand for her. She shared the picture on Facebook where it quickly went viral, and now has more than 285,000 likes.

The teen, whose story has reached people from across the globe, including Dubai and Australia, says he feels his compassionate act was nothing spectacular.

“It is very strange because this is just something I would normally do,” Trouesdale told The Bolton News. “My parents have raised me to treat other people like you want to be treated yourself.”

This isn’t the first time Trouesdale has come to Malloy’s aid. A week prior to the incident, the elderly man was concerned with the strong winds that day and so the teen accompanied him home. When the teen walked with Malloy the second time around, he told The Bolton News that they had the chance to share some pleasant conversation.

“We had a good chat about everything from the General Election to the history of Horwich — he knew lots about everything,” Trouesdale said.

Since this latest kind act, a GoFundMe campaign has been started to reward the supermarket employee for his good deed. Brady told HuffPost that the teen has been busy keeping up with all the positive messages he’s received. And while Trouesdale has been lauded as a hero, it seems that the teen has gained a beautiful bond as an added bonus.

“[Trouesdale’s] been to visit Bob since,” Brady told HuffPost. “They have a lovely friendship and they will definitely be keeping in touch often.”

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