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Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification (RHFAC)

Every day, Canadians struggle to access the spaces we live, work, learn, and play, because of physical barriers to accessibility. In 2017, the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) launched RHF Accessibility Certification, a rating system which measures the level of meaningful access of the built environment and promotes increased access through the adoption of Universal Design principles. RHFAC guides industry—architects, designers, building owners and managers—to meet the accessibility needs of people with disabilities affecting their hearing, sight and mobility.

Ratings are performed by a designated RHFAC Professional, an individual who has been trained to use the RHFAC rating methodology. Sites can then be awarded RHF Accessibility Certified should the site meet a minimum score of 60% on the rating survey, or RHFAC Gold by achieving a minimum score of 80%. Along with certification, RHFAC Professionals provide buildings owners and managers a rating scorecard which provides a snapshot of a building’s level of access and a roadmap on where to improve.

“Accessibility is one of our top priorities and is a key part of our success as a world-class hub. Gold Certification from the Rick Hansen Foundation is a testament to our ongoing efforts to better serve our passengers partners and communities—and is a milestone we are very proud of.” – Craig Richmond, past President & CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority

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