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Simplifying your life

5 ways to make technology work for you.

Who’d have guessed that in our lifetimes, we could access endless amounts of information, call anyone from almost anywhere, send instant messages and have in-person video chats. Technology has made this all possible now and Facebook, Zoom and Google are many of our new best friends… especially these days during COVID-19 when many of us are staying home.

Keep it simple

While technology and gadgets make life more convenient in many ways, it’s not unusual to hear older adults talking about needing help from their families to set things up or troubleshoot. It’s also not uncommon to find people paying for services, products and features they aren’t using.

According to the James Johnson, Founder and CEO of AllCore Communications, a Canadian family-run business, “many seniors get stuck in plans they don’t need or use that are costly and hard to cancel. There are other options.” Here’s some wise advice:

  1. No commitments: Don’t get forced to sign long-term cell phone and Internet contracts. You need to be able to cancel easily, without penalties, if your plans change.
  2. Respectful and senior-friendly: Make sure the company has local customer service agents readily available and familiar with the needs of older adults who may not be “tech savvy” for both your cell phone and internet service.
  3. Stay clean: Ask about free spam filters and privacy settings. You may want the option to filter out adult content or block unwanted messages.
  4. Pay less: Request cell phone packages that allow you to pay less for only what you need.
  5. Don’t give up: Sometimes call centre operators aren’t as patient as they could be and manuals and Internet instructions are not easy to follow. You’re not the only one who needs to ask for help.

Staying in touch with friends and family is more important than ever right now. Using technology to help you stay safe and connected is a wonderful solution during the holidays and into 2021.

Trust me, once you’re up and running you won’t regret it. And, if you’re already set up and just looking for a more affordable solution, or better option, give us a call.

Our team is always ready to chat about ways to save money and better connect with the loved ones in your life with one of our simple packages, call AllCore customer service 855-546-5430.

 We promise to take your call in less than 5 minutes and give you all the help you need.







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