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How to move to the country and stay in touch with friends and family

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Having more free time and living in the country, or a small town, has tremendous benefits for older adults or retirees who want to spend more time enjoying a less hectic lifestyle. But, being away from the hustle and bustle of city life, means you or a loved will have to rely more on technology and trusted service providers to keep you safely in touch.

At first, all the options might be overwhelming. Fear not, whether you’re tech savvy or a novice, a fan of Facebook and email, or a smart phone user that also wears an Apple Watch, there’s more than just big box stores and large impersonal internet and cell phone providers you can count on.

Having well-priced, reliable 24/7 back-up and the patient, well-qualified customer service agents can be one of the most important life-lines in an out of town or rural setting.  Here’s what to watch out for yourself and others when you’re “shopping” for a new provider:

Avoid long-term contracts that throw in a phone upgrade.  It’s smarter and usually more affordable to buy your own phone with a simple, easy to cancel plan that includes cell and Internet coverage in one affordable bundle.

Speak to a live agent: Opt for a provider that is willing to ask you what you need, not sell you what they have. Take the time to understand their plans and don’t be lured into buying extra services. Remember there are no silly questions.

Ask for help:  It’s perfectly reasonable to ask for help from a friend, neighbour or family member when it comes to decision-making.

Yes, perhaps life seemed much easier when apple and blackberry were just fruits but stick with it and you’ll be happily surfing and zooming before you know it.

Our team is always ready to chat about ways to save money and better connect with the loved ones in your life with one of our simple packages, call AllCore customer service 855-546-5430.

We promise to take your call in less than 5 minutes and give you all the help you need.

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