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By Melissa Humphrey, Market Manager, Mobility Solutions

When you hit the ball, the seemingly impossible becomes reality with the ParaGolfer. Ottobock’s ParaGolfer has brought the game of golf to players the world over. Now available in Canada, this remarkable sit-to-stand mobility aid will give individuals new perspective on life and the game.
The ParaGolfer is unmatched in design and features. In seconds, a player is positioned in a fully upright stance where he or she can grasp a club with two hands. This level of functionality is unequalled in recreational mobility aids currently on the market, and ultimately ensures that nothing gets in the way of a precise swing. The overall appearance of the ParaGolfer is kept low profile to ensure that performance and gameplay are uninterrupted.
Convenience and accessibility are paramount with the ParaGolfer. A well-placed bag holder and storage compartment ensure that equipment and personal items are stowed in areas that are easy to access.
A children’s package is also available and includes options appropriate for young players.
In a sport where concentration is key, the ParaGolfer’s all-terrain design allows the player to move effortlessly across the green, keeping focused on what really matters—the ball and the score. A golfer is not only assured unrivalled stability and secure footing when in standing mode, but a smooth and comfortable ride as well, thanks to the maneuverable all-terrain design. And with all this functionality, the ParaGolfer does not damage the well-manicured greens of a course.
South African professional golfer Anthony Netto helped develop the ParaGolfer after he experienced a spinal cord injury when his car was struck by a drunk driver. Even in hospital, Netto recognized the integrative, healing effect of sports activities on the physical and mental well-being of people with physical limitations. “Golf means exercise, fun and quality of life,” he says. “Experiencing those things is especially important for people with limited mobility, and the ParaGolfer is doing its part in helping players return to a full, normal game.”
Quality for Life
Players will experience relaxation and therapeutic benefits by participating in a sport that provides a true athletic challenge. Sports medicine studies have proven the positive therapeutic effects of golf for people with physical disabilities. While the physical benefits of the sport will differ for each individual, they have been noted to include speeding up metabolism, stretching muscles, reducing spasms and promoting joint mobility.
The ParaGolfer enables users to move about the green independently and with complete confidence. Not only does the ParaGolfer feature mature precision technology, it also provides every player with the opportunity to perfect his or her personal, unique style in the game. Getting back to an activity of this nature is uplifting and motivational, and can provide benefits beyond the physical. Above all, the challenge and sportsmanship demonstrated throughout golf means a rewarding experience for players.
Whether it’s been a passion for years or a new hobby to explore, golf is a sport admired by many people around the world. Thanks to a decision made in October 2009, golf will once again be included in the Olympics and, for the first time, will be represented as a sport at the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro in September 2016. This is a significant move and will pave a new direction in the sport for both players and fans alike.
The ParaGolfer is no exception; its unique abilities are proven. Beyond being a mobility aid, they demonstrate a level of inspiration, which provides new perspectives and enjoyment of the game.
Anyone who is interested in the ParaGolfer must speak to their doctor and/or registered therapist to ensure proper consultation and evaluation measures are conducted for operation of motorized devices.

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