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Feeling stressed?

We all encounter stress in our daily lives that at times can be difficult to manage – affecting the health of our body, mind, emotions and spirit. This is especially true as we navigate the many challenges from the COVID 19 pandemic. Practical approaches are needed that can help kids, youth and parents manage their stress. Webinar participants will learn about and practice some simple yet powerful techniques for calming our family and ourselves despite what is occurring around us.

The Psychology Foundation of Canada is hosting a new 2-part free webinar, each followed by an informative Q&A session with expert panelist Dr. Harvey Skinner.

By end of day on April 27th, 2020:

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Online! We will be using the platform Zoom


Webinar 1: Gentle Techniques to Help Calm Kids (approximately 14 and under)

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 (12:00pm-1pm EST)



Webinar 2: Stress Busting techniques for Youth and Young Adults (approximately 15 to 30)

Thursday, April 30th, 2020 (12:00pm-1pm EST)



Harvey Skinner PhD, CPsych, FCAHS

Dr Skinner is a Professor of Psychology & Global Health and was Founding Dean (2006 – 2016) of the Faculty of Health, York University, Toronto. He is a Registered Psychologist in Ontario and a certified trainer in Motivational Interviewing and in Capacitar practices. Dr Skinner is an internationally recognized educator and scholar (7 books, over 150 articles) on what motivates individuals, organizations and communities to change. He has a special interest in promoting global health – achieving ‘health for all’. At a personal level, he has a regular practice of meditation and Qi Gong.



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