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In the news: Covid-19

Knowledge is power as we move forward in this unprecedented time. It’s important to keep our eyes and ears open, so if you’re tired of watching same old news, our editors have pulled together a few of the best written and most informative articles from around the world to share with you.

How does the Coronavirus behave inside a patient?  

By Siddhartha Mukherjee, The New Yorker.

We’re watching the virus spread geographically from place to place but what is doing  if it manages to enter when it our bodies.



Inside the Story of How HEB planned for the Pandemic

By Dan Solomon and Paula Forbes, Texas Monthly

This is an incredibly interesting piece on how this Texas grocer began to planning and communicating with its Chaines counterparts and running crisis simulations as early as January of this year.  What can we learn here?



Has Sweden Botched Its Coronavirus Response?

By Heba Habib, Ozy

Curfews, school closures, bans on gatherings — Europe is fighting desperately against the coronavirus. There’s an exception, though: Sweden is dealing with the crisis with surprising sangfroid.



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