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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

THUMBS UP… to a study done by a leading Canadian insurer that explored the recent uptick in adults being diagnosed and treated for ADHD. Reasons for the sizeable increase of approx. 24.5% include the discovery that doctors, and patients themselves, have  become better educated and more aware of the risk factions related to ADHD in areas such as; car accidents, injuries, obesity, cardio disease and financial health. Additionally, research has shown that depression has been identified as being three times more prevalent in adults with ADHD.
Source: ManuLife

THUMBS UP… to Victoria Secret for a remarkable stride towards inclusivity and accessibility in fashion. The launch of the lingerie giant’s first adaptive collection boasts magnetic closures and has earned the GAMUT Seal of Approval, making it easier for individuals with disabilities to dress and undress. These adaptive garments set a commendable industry example and highlight a strong company commitment to creating products that support customers and their unique abilities.
Source: Disability Scoop

THUMBS DOWN… to Canadian mobile carriers for failing to adequately address accessibility for the deaf, hard of hearing, blind, and partially sighted communities. Reports to the CRTC expose costly plans, limited data options, and complex eligibility checks. With a mere 14,453 subscribers to accessible plans across all carriers, advocates demand improved accessibility support and a deeper commitment to Canada’s underserved communities.
Source: Toronto Star

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