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Apple AirTag

A way less expensive (but more limited) way to track your pet is to place an Apple AirTag on your pet’s collar. Of course, it won’t help stop fido from running away or getting into danger in traffic but it will help you find him. So long as you rock an iPhone and have the “Find My” set up, AirTags.

Built like a tank

Fin-ally, fish lovers can jump into the tech craze too with the Smart Tank from Koller Products. Smart is a 7-gallon aquarium that synchronizes with a companion app on your smartphone or tablet to let you track your aquarium’s water temperature and get push notifications if the water gets too warm or too cool.

Clip Mouse

A linear, minimalistic device that effortlessly attaches to the user’s hand mirroring the functions of a standard computer mouse. Able to work on any surface, the Clip Mouse establishes a Bluetooth connection but instead of relying on an optical or laser sensor it employs a gyroscope model akin to those found in VR controller devices.

AI trained glove is music teacher

Machine learning has successfully taught a robo-glove or smart-hand exoskeleton to mimic natural fine turned hand movements. Sixteen flexible sensors and soft pneumatic actuators in the fingertips generate motion and exert force giving tactile sensations to the wearers hand upon interaction with objects or surfaces. Inventors call the glove a potentially valuable tool for personalized rehabilitation of people who wish to relearn to play music post stroke.
Source: Techxplore

Non-physical smartphone

Imagine a finger sized wearable projector that’s pinned on your clothes that works as a smartphone. The Humane AI pin works by flashing apps, calls and voice assistance on hands or surfaces. It’s equipped with cameras to scan and see surroundings, hidden sensors for activation and built in speakers.

O-SOW toilet tissue

A sustainable biodegradable toilet paper substitute, made from orange, aloe vera leaves, and plant seeds. Intended for outdoor folks and hikers, the product adopts a preventive waste hierarchy that includes the complete cycle-production, use, and disposal. Use of sets in motion a sowing and fertilization process of  plant seeds incorporated into O-SOW. The product biodegrades quickly thanks to the decomposition of the orange and the active E. coli bacteria in the feces.

Source: Avia Revivi, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

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