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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs UP…to British Pop star Rick Astley who opened up on hearing loss, records ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ with wrong lyrics for awareness campaign.

Rick Astley has revealed that he suffers from hearing loss and has recorded a new version of his song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ with incorrect lyrics to raise awareness of the condition.

Astley has partnered up with Specsavers to highlight the impact of hearing loss and the importance of getting tested and treated. In a video released on his social media channels, the singer discussed taking a hearing test and discovering that he has lost some of his hearing.
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Thumbs UP…to lottery winner Brittney Abraham who chose to use her prize windfall to buy her brother a prosthetic leg to improve his quality of life instead of a luxury vacation, heartwaming.
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Thumbs DOWN…to a pregnant Australian woman who has caused outrage after she parked in a disabled space and, made it worse by complaining on Facebook about the hefty fine she received. Calling her comments entitled PWD’s replied, “This is pretty close to my heart. I am a disabled person and I have heard it all. I’m sorry that you are having a really hard time at the moment. “Your situation will pass and you will get on with your life. Please don’t park in our spots, it’s only a car spot but it means a lot to someone else, please be mindful.” Others were more sympathetic.

Thumbs DOWN…to scammers who targeted people looking for relief with a fake assistance program called the “Canada Relief Fund” during the massive NWT wildfire evacuations where more than 2/3 of the population are affected. RCMP warned that clicking on links for unsolicited charity donation requests led to hackers getting remote access to personal and financial information.
Source: Eagle News

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