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It’s better with tech

For those living with cognitive disabilities and those who are non-speaking, Apple is introducing a host of new features to make the iphone and ipad easier to use. Watch for: 

New software coming soon that will provide options for users to pare down both their home screen and features within the app. 

Assistive access will show high contrast buttons, large text labels and the choice of grid or row based layouts. 

Live Speech allows users to have their devices speak what they type for in person, phone and FaceTime calls. 

Point and Speak will help those with vision loss make sense of physical objects with multiple text options.

Consuming more fruits and vegetables may…

• Lower blood pressure in adults 
• Reduce the risk of experiencing hip fractures in adults aged 50 and over 
• Help with weight loss if you are following a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. 

Source: McMaster University

Telling left from right

One in six people struggle to distinguish left from right. The complexities of left–right discrimination involves memory, language, visual and spatial processing, and mental rotation. Strategies such as using hand gestures or body cues can aid in making accurate judgements. Increasing awareness about challenges of left–right discrimination is crucial in reducing such mistakes in various fields, including medicine.
Source: BBC

Afternoon slump?

Tired after lunch? A drop in energy is a normal response related to your circadian rhythm. However, things maybe worse if you aren’t getting enough sleep, are dehydrated, have excessive stress or eat carb heavy breakfasts and lunches. To combat this groggy feeling: Get outside and take a walk for some Vitamin D. Exercise or, if possible take a short nap.(15-30 mins). And, according to some experts… grab a stick of gum. The small act of chewing has been shown to increase alertness.

Winter sunscreen

Sun exposure leads to signs of aging, skin damage and sometimes cancer. Wear protection on cloudy days, especially in snowy conditions when even more UV rays reflect on to your skin.

Pulling their weight?

A “Task App” launched by the Spanish government’s equality ministry encourages men to chore sharing at home. The free app is designed to log how much time each household or family member spends on domestic tasks. The goal is to shed light on the invisible “mental load” overwhelmingly carried by women.



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