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Here’s a good little blog on Social Networking that has some very interesting links such as this one to mobile social software.

As they describe it: “No, not the game! Dodgeball, developed by Dennis Crowley, is a cell phone software service that allows you to text your location that will be broadcasted to your friends. It can also look for friends nearby within a 10 block radius and you can be notified when your crush is nearby. This is cool because you don’t have to call up people to see what they’re up to or where they are at. I’d like to try it out sometime.”

and, this one to which has an great article for those of you who want to ccatch up on the online social networking phenomenom…

The high priestess of internet friendship

By Graham Bowley, Financial Times

Published: October 27 2006

In January 2003, Danah Boyd moved to San Francisco just as a new internet phenomenon was taking off: online social networking sites. They were virtual meeting places where people could log on to their computer, meet friends and talk. San Francisco was at the heart of this boom. Boyd, who had studied how internet users represent themselves to others online for her masters degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was intrigued. She went into cafes in the city’s Mission and SoMa districts, where people were sitting chatting on their laptops, and asked why they used these new sites. She published her findings on her blog and they became the basis for the PhD she started later that year at the University of California at Berkeley.



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