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WHERE DO I BELONG? A poem by: Athiann Garang


I spent a life of misery under a military regime-Sudan
Mistreated in my own country-my motherland,
Treated like I don’t belong to the soil of our forefathers,
Out I fled the infested land-the mine fields,
Just because I am black-the owners-but belong to nowhere
Because of being a Christian the separation and discrimination broaden
They say I do not belong to the soil, then where do I belong?

[continued below]

Thousand of miles I travelled to find a place where I belong,
My feet swollen and filled with thorns but I didn’t give up
In my search, I hit Ethiopia, but home was the best.
I moved on and my next destination was Kenya,
Here life seemed to have a new twist, but all was temporary,
Into different worlds, cultures, and societies I was introduced.
I was hoping to mind comfort, but all I got was rejection.
The separation broadened, I was isolated like a sick animal.
They put me in a refugee camp.
They say I am their African brother, then why treat me differently!

Any cup I drank water with was washed several times before they used it.
When I touched the water tap it was washed with disinfectant,
In school they called me with a derogatory name.
But all I want is a sense of belonging.
Where do I belong?

After spending a great deal of time in East Africa, desperate in a refugee camp,
I finally moved to a new land far beyond my continent.
Canada is they name they call this land-a world in a country,
“A village” was the name our brethren Huron called it.
Here life is tough but all I want is somewhere I belong
All I want is to be part of something
A part of a community, a country as a whole
Where do I belong?

I continue my search for where I belong
No person I meet tells me where I belong
All I want is freedom and a sense of belonging
I am a human being like you
Make me feel that I belong to somewhere
Treat me right like you want others to treat you
I am just like other children across the globe
Treat me with love and respect
To give me a sense of belonging
Where do I belong?



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