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We’ve been Dropped!


“dropping knowledge is collecting questions from the global public that challenge conventional thinking, inspire conversation and encourage further inquiry. For the Table of Free Voices event in Berlin on September 9, 2006, dropping knowledge will bring together 112 inspiring individuals to drop their knowledge at 100 of these questions; the answers will be filmed, generating some 600 hours of footage. The “ask yourself” campaign, Table of Free Voices and other dk activities exemplify the practice of asking and answering questions. Together, these activities pave the way for participation in the Living Library. ”

Dropping Knowledge sent out one of its freelancers to check out The Belonging Initiative and here’s the article she wrote about us – its aptly titled People Need People.

Here’s a great example of the good work they are doing over at The Drop.

This is a sticker that is being plastered all over Germany raising awareness about The Table of Free Voices event.

Wonder if there is a Belonging Initiative sticker in the works?


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