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The Circle Builders Real Stories about Personal Support Networks


Here’s a story from Lifetime Networks Ottawa… David is an energetic 44 year old, with a disability, who lives on his own. His apartment is small but almost every wall and every corner is piled high with old LP’s, vinyl, and CD’s. He loves music. All kinds of music, but mostly sixties rock music like the Stones and CCR. You cannot have a conversation with David without talking about the latest concert in town, who put out a great album last month, or who was the biggest band in 1976. Music is his passion. Up until recently, David hasn’t had many people in his life with which to share his passion for music. A trained LNO facilitator has been working with David and his mom to ensure that these kinds of relationships are in place, to protect him and to help him achieve the best quality life for himself. Now, David has a whole group of people around him who are interested in learning more about what he loves and who he is. They encourage him to be active in the community and to share his gifts. This group of people is David’s Personal Support Network… David’s Personal Support Network has met only a few times but already relationships are beginning to blossom. Jan has offered to introduce David to a friend who can teach him some guitar. Sonia offered to take him to local concerts. Lou mentioned that his band was playing in a few weeks and that David might like to come and hear him play. John is very interested in being friends and has offered to invite David to dinner, to listen to music, and go to some hockey games. Everyone is looking forward to celebrating at David’s birthday party at the end of January. David and his mom are beginning to feel hopeful about the future.

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