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Stories of Belonging: University Buddy Pair of the Month


From the Best Buddies Canada website:

Kristy Bray and Joan Stager ( Wilfrid Laurier University)

“Joan and I have been buddies for three years now and our time together has been incredible. Our match was perfect from the start as we have a lot of similar interests and never have a problem finding activities that we’ll both enjoy. Whether that means grabbing some Tim Horton’s, shopping, watching movies, making cupcakes or gingerbread houses, joining in on one of the many enjoyable group events, or calling the other person to catch up on the latest events in our lives, we always find time in our busy schedules to spend some time together. Since we’ve been getting together now for three years, we’ve also picked up on each others’ little quirks, such as Joan’s amazing memory and my complete lack of direction. We even have a little ongoing joke between us involving her love for Coke and my obsession with Pepsi. Just recently when we exchanged Christmas presents, Joan decided to get the last laugh and showed up with nothing other than a case of Pepsi! How perfect is that? It really is incredible how we’ve come to know each other so well!

Overall all, we’re just really glad to have had the opportunity to meet each other through Best Buddies and develop such a wonderful and lasting friendship. It’s definitely been an amazing experience that neither of us will forget, and while we’re sad that my graduation means this will be our last year matched together, we have no intention of letting the friendship die!”



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