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Principal’s Challenge – Belonging Poems #1 and #2


Belonging Poem Book

Julie Benay, the principal at Mary. S. Babcock School, in Swanton, Vermont challenged her students to create poems about belonging. Children from kindergarten through second grade were asked to write a poem about Belonging (one of the Core Concepts students and teachers have been learning about in school). They were given a starter line “Be kind to everyone” and given the challenge of writing a poem with the help of their families. Click on the link above to see all of the fantastic poems!!

I am going to post these poems in a series of posts over the next little while. Here’s the first two:

Be kind to everyone
Except others
Laugh together
Offer help
Go together
By Blaise

Be kind to everyone
Everyone is special in their own unique way
Invite others to join in your play
Only treat others as you would like to be
Never tease others
Give a smile!
By Gabriella



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