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November Buddy Pair of the Month


Christine Keng and Lesley Langford

McMaster University Chapter

Christine and Lesley have been friends for three years now. They share a beautiful relationship that truly illustrates the true meaning of friendship and serves as an example to all of us about the power of the Best Buddies Program.

When we saw the two of them at this year’s Meet and Greet, it brought tears to our eyes as the two of them gave each other a real hug and asked how each other was after a summer apart. Every time I (Kelly, Campus Coordinator) saw Lesley in the summer, all she could talk about was her “Best Buddy” and how excited she was to see her in the fall. It is times like this that we are able to really realize the importance of true friendship and the impact it has on both the Student Buddy and the Buddy. It truly is a win-win situation, and we know that they will both grow in who they are because of each other.


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