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New Media Literacies Big Games Video Series


Here are series of videos produced by the MIT New Media Literacies group. Each of these videos explains different aspects of immersive gaming and community-based play. These are effectively laying some of the groundwork for our Belonging In Games Design contest.

Chapter 1 – What are Big Games? (ed. note these “Big Games” are different from our BIG Games contest in that they are referring to scale while we are referring to belonging. Nevertheless, there is a great deal of overlap between the two.)

Chapter 3 – Learning Skills Through Play

Chapter 8 – The Future of Big Gmaes

Chapter 2 – Where do Big Games come from?

Chapter 4 – Designing Big Games

Chapter 5 – The City as a Game Board.

Chapter 6 – Who Plays Big Games

Chapter 7 – The Ethics of Big Games


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