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Nadine’s Story


Another wonderful story from the Everyone Belongs site.

Nadine, who has cerebral palsy, spent many of her formative years in an institution, where she was left to lie on the floor for much of the day. Her “shower” was to lie, in the company of others, including men, on a metal gurney, covered only in a sheet, and to be hosed down.

As an adult, she moved into a group home which was better. There she learned small trades and math skills. She used to go to a medical equipment shop to get her wheelchair fixed once in a while, and while it was being tinkered with, she would chat with a fellow who worked there.

Richard enjoyed their chats over the five or six years she came to the shop, and missed her when the better part of a year passed without his seeing her. When she did come in again, he felt a surge of pleasure, and slipped his name and phone number into her pocket before she left. She called him. He cancelled a dinner with his parents, and spent an entire Sunday with her. They have been together now for 15 years, and married for 13. Richard was attracted by her courage. “She lives to dance.That’s what she loved to do. She would go out to a bar and dance by herself if there was no one to dance with her.” He adapted a computer for her and found her access to technology that allowed her to read and to create sentences. With Richard’s help, she designs web pages and has designed her own greeting and business cards.They now operate an e-business together.

She is more confident and more secure than she once was. Richard, who now works with computers, takes her with him on his calls, and spends as much time with her as possible.



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