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Rallying the family

A mother playing with her son while her daughter hides being a curtain laughing

This year, Canada Cares is raising money to support families with young children with disabilities and frail older adults who have been adversely affected by COVID-19. Our goal is to raise $10,000 during our Giving Tuesday outreach.

Meet Andrea, Will and their family

In 2014 Andrea’s husband, Will, was diagnosed with metastatic stage IV colorectal cancer. Will had to leave his challenging job in the technology industry in 2015 due to his rapidly failing health. Andrea is now responsible for the upkeep of their farm while caring for Will and their two children. Will has been on the edge of death several times and Andrea has rallied the family through numerous surgeries and ongoing financial hardship.

Andrea has started restoring furniture to supplement their income as well as helping the girls collect and sell the farm eggs for gas money to travel to Calgary for appointments. It’s been a long haul for this family and it’s not getting easier. With your help we can provide respite care for Will and improve his life with his family in his final days.

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*Names and pictures have been changed to protect privacy.

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