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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs upto the City of Calgary for winning their bid to host the next Special Olympics Canada Winter Games in 2024. The city will welcome approximately 1,300 participants for the Games along with officials, honoured guests and many friends and family.


Thumbs upto Scotiabank for their effort to support access to mental healthcare. Scotiabank employees are given $10,000 in mental healthcare coverage that can be gifted to friends or family, promoting the wellbeing of not only their employees but the community at large.
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Thumbs upto Jennifer Jesty who created an emergency alert system for the five Cape Breton, NS Mi’kmaq communities. The system sends alerts to community members in both English and Mi’kmaq and serves to notify users of emergencies such as missing persons, boil water advisories and car accidents in the area.


Thumbs DOWNto a receptionist at Strathcona Community Dental in Vancouver for rudely refusing the First Nations status cards of three young boys and denying service unless their father paid in cash. Operators of the clinic have since apologized to father Ajantha Dharmapala and in part blame a computer error, but there is no mention of any accountability or process changes.

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