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Finding the career path to reach your goals is difficult. The path you take has many twists and turns, and it is easy to get lost. Taking Charge of Your Career Direction is written to help you find your way through practical applications. Distinguished author, Robert D. Lock, sets out real world obstacles and offers exercises to overcome them. By introducing the decision-making process, this book allows you to plan a path to your career goals. 512 pages.
CAD $133.95.
ISBN: 978-0534574260
Brooks Cole

The ultimate goal for any product is to become well-known and remembered. One person or idea can set off a chain of events that can lead to a trend. The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference discusses how trends develop into our social conscience. Malcolm Gladwell discusses how tiny events add up to reach a tipping point where one event spreads an idea like an epidemic. 304 pages.
CAD $19.99.
ISBN: 978-0316346627
Back Bay Books

A bestseller, Rework offers a no non-sense guide on how to do business. With few pages, minimum wording and large pictures, this book reinforces the idea that less is more. Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson bring their knowledge of entrepreneurship to you through a new way of looking at working. With chapter titles such as “Inspiration is Perishable” and “Meetings are Toxic”, it brings a fresh take on doing business. 288 pages.
CAD $26.95.
ISBN: 978-0307463746
Crown Business

Looking for a new job is a stressful process for anyone to face. Job Search Handbook for People with Disabilities teaches how to best represent yourself to potential employers. It includes tips on what you should do prior to your application by discovering your skills and interests. Daniel J. Ryan shows ways to build your confidence and assertiveness, and how to research your career goals. 304 pages.
CAD $23.95
ISBN: 978-1593578138
JIST Publishing

This step-by-step guide explores the resources available to prospective business owners who are looking to dabble in the entrepreneurial sector. Alice Weiss Doyel, the author of No More Job Interviews addresses the issues that are relevant to those looking to start up a business. She is writing from a perspective of a business owner with a disability, combining practical information about business development with personal experience. 183 Pages.
CAD $29.95.
ISBN: 978-1883302368
Training Resource Network Inc

Beauty is a Verb, The New Poetry of Disability is a groundbreaking collection of provocative, bold and revelatory poems, as well as essays about disability. The work features both a philosophical narrative and a broad account of the thoughts, opinions and feelings of those with disabilities. The essays are analytic and insightful, while the poetry is beautiful, emotional and artistic. 326 Pages.
CAD $19.95.
ISBN: 978-1-935955-05-4
Independent Book Publisher

Edited by Mark L. Legnick-Hall, Hidden Talent: How Leading Companies Hire, Retain, and Benefit from People with Disabilities is based on a multi-year research project by a team of experts in human resource departments. With a collection of scholarly papers, they reveal the roots of disability discrimination and makes a convincing case for the need to increase the participation rates of people with disabilities in the workforce. 168 pages.
CAD $41.39
ISBN: 978-0275992897
Praeger Publishers

Barry Gray and Geoff Ridden, the authors of Lifemaps of People with Learning Disabilities, have collected 12 insightful biographies illustrate a better understanding of their emotional needs and perspectives. The biographies were created by students as part of an academic assignment, making the narrative different from the usual tone found in most books. All in all, this book is well rounded, targeting both healthcare professionals and social workers, as well as families, while providing a unique, but useful paradigm. 144 Pages. CAD $31.95.
ISBN: 978-1853026904
Jessica Kingsley Publishers Ltd.

The Orange Houses, the life in the eyes of three people: Jimmi, a homeless war veteran, who brings together two struggling teenage girls; Tamika, hearing impaired and struggling to gain the respect of her high school classmates; and Fatima, alone in a new country after illegally immigrating from a refugee camp in Africa. In a poetic narrative, Paul Griffin shows how each of the trio break out of their community. 160 Pages.
CAD $7.95.
ISBN 978-0803733466
Dial Publisher

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