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New 4 You – Fall 2018

Xbox-Adaptive Controller

Calling all gamers! Xbox has recently unveiled their new adaptive controller for the physically impaired. The controller consists of two large buttons and 19 jacks and can be connected to various other devices including joysticks, buttons, and switches depending on the accessibility of the user. This game controller can be personalized and gamed with one hand, and one foot or one hand and a shoulder or even one foot and the chin. Keeogo Recently approved by Health Canada.


Keeogo is a mobility aid that reads your body position and movements. When worn on the lower body, it interprets your mobility intentions and waits for you to make the first move, and provides you with the necessary leg power. Keeogo can be used for walking, running, going up and down stairs, kneeling, sitting, squatting and standing for a long period of time.


Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed wearable device which verbalizes a person’s thoughts. The device is called AlterEgo and it functions like a Bluetooth, with commands coming user’s thoughts. AlterEgo picks up on neuromuscular signals in the person’s jaw and face. It then transmits those signals to a computer, programed to identify their specific words. MIT researchers tested the devices accuracy and found that it was correct 92% of the time.


Is your mouse getting the better of you? Do you find that you lose your grip or your hand gets too sweaty? The personalized CONE mouse may be the solution. Its cone shaped is easier to use shape and seems to fit more comfortably and seamlessly into the shape of the hands of some users. Why not give it a try?

Serene Two Way Pager

A simple-to-use device, Two Way Pager is a remote control for those with hearing loss. With Serene, the patient now has the ability to alert someone to request assistance. The device has three alert modes: 1. Bright flasher. 2. Adjustable. 3. Loud ringtone with strong vibration. A 150-foot range transmits alerts to any location in the house, recreation centre or work place.

Lyd Bottle

The world’s first intelligent smart water bottle. With patented anti-spill technology, you worry less about high dry-cleaning bills, malfunctioning hardware, or damaged paperwork. It is the bottle you never have to open that it only opens with the gentle touch of your lips, and closes when you’re done. No more spills!

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