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THUMBS UP to Starbucks for opening its first signing store in Japan on June 27, 2020. Situated in Kunitachi city, Tokyo, the new coffee shop celebrates Deaf culture and sign language through clever design tools and vibrant artwork. Source:

THUMBS DOWN to the hospital staff at Toronto Grace Hospital for shutting-off patient, Tommy Jutcovich’s tablet. The 69-year-old is only able to communicate by either blinking one eye or through his tablet. But his daughter, Adalia Schweitzer, said that his tablet has been shut off by hospital staff over allegations it is being used to conduct “surveillance” of his care and is not providing a “safe and secure environment” for the nurses and other employees who service his needs.

THUMBS UP to The Weeknd for donating half a million dollars to support frontline hospital workers at Scarborough Health Network. All of the proceeds from sales of The Weeknd’s XO face masks will be donated to COVID-19 relief, with the artist matching every dollar raised. The donation is a leading gift to the health network’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund, which now totals more than $2.7 million.
Source: Scarborough Health Network Foundation

THUMBS UP to Reitmans for advancing its efforts around more diverse marketing with its new fall campaign, “Wear Your Support.”

THUMBS DOWN to Air Canada for laying off Sean Fitzgibbon, a long-time employee, saying it can’t accommodate him amid the pandemic. Fitzgibbon has been legally blind for seven years, and last month Air Canada told him that now that it’s downsizing its workforce amid the pandemic, the company can no longer provide him with a suitable job that he can safely perform. The union representing Air Canada employees says the company didn’t try hard enough to find him another position.

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