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woman in kickstarter black sunglasses

Norm Glasses

These lightweight smart glasses are equipped with a discreet wearable mini-computer, camera, speakers, and a head-up display (HUD) of info in your field of view (similar to watching a 50” TV located 4 yards away). Take pictures, record videos, make phone calls, or even watch videos, without having to pull out your phone.


the lexilight - pink light with a blue stand

Now, for those living with dyslexia, there’s a reading lamp that combines both pulsated and modulated light to erase the mirror effect that a person sees. The benefit: the ability to read faster, longer and without eye strain.


white toilet in a bathroom with with white marble walls and a silver toilet paper holder

To the horror of many on twitter, these folks have designed a toilet with a 13-degree sloped seat, intended to be painful to sit on for more than 5 minutes. It was designed to stop workers from texting and hanging out on social media in office bathrooms for lengthy periods. A new weapon in the bosses’ arsenal? Thankfully, no word of an accessible version.

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