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Making your home accessible to everyone

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The pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives.

From work, home, school, to how we shop and entertain ourselves, there isn’t one aspect of our lives that hasn’t been impacted in some way by COVID-19. One thing that the pandemic has brought to the forefront is the conditions of many senior living facilities across the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario, leaving seniors vulnerable and the hardest hit by this virus across our population.

Whether you or one of your loved ones is planning on moving into one of these facilities in the near future because of mobility issues, we can understand if you have reservations about making the move. There are other solutions out there, and there are ways for you to get your freedom back so you can live in the safety of your own home.

As we get older and journey through life, some accommodations are needed. Curbless showers, ramps, automated doors openers, motion light switches and taps are a few of the items that we at Canex Contracting Inc. can supply and install to help make your life a little easier. Our staff works with the customer to identify the best and most cost-efficient measures. Often little changes make a world of difference.

When mobility starts to affect you or your family, your living space can become a burden to get around. Entrances, stairs, and bathrooms shouldn’t be a barrier to the comfort of your own home. We specialize in renovating the rooms and entrances in your home that can become an obstacle for mobility, quickly making your home accessible again.

We are in changing times. We as a society are and need to be more cognitive of the people around us. Call Canex Contracting today at 1.905.669.4995 or visit Discover how you can get your home and your freedom back.





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