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How to take things less personally

Personalisation, assuming you’re the cause of a negative event, and mind reading, believing without evidence that someone is judging you negatively are self-critical habits Joel Minden, a CBT therapist, wants to help us break. His tips: 1) Make a list of evidence for and against your thoughts. 2) Consider an explanation that isn’t just about you. 3) Accept that people may think or respond to you in different ways but only you can decide how you’d like to conduct yourself. Source:

You don’t have to fold your laundry

Therapist K.C. Davis has made it her mission to offer tips for what she calls “struggle care:” housekeeping and self-care for those having a difficult time keeping up. In a clever series of tiktok videos Davis has posted ideas she’s come up with along the way like: putting veggies in the fridge door, having a rack for dirty dishes as well as clean and a family closet to cut down on trips to put away clothes and skipping the chore of folding clean items. Source:

Come fly with me

Designed to reduce anxiety, this mock aircraft cabin at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport allows passengers who have sensory, physical, or cognitive disabilities to experience what its like to board an aircraft prior to their flight. Source:

Read much?

Turn your reading material into interactive audiobooks so that you can save time, retain more information, and stay focused. Like your own personal reading assistant, Speechify can read books, documents, and articles. With near human quality voices and over 50 languages options, you can decide whether to follow along with the app’s interactive reading interface or just lay back and listen! Source:

Colour your world (carefully)

Home buyers were willing to pay thousands more for a home with a charcoal grey kitchen ($6,491 more), bathroom ($4,029 more), bedroom ($5,074 more) and living room ($4,999 more.) Trendy green kitchens or bathrooms could hurt a home’s sale price by as much as $5,696. “Moody dark grey appeals because it feels contemporary, and adds depth, drama and contrast,” said Amanda Pendleton, home trends expert. “Painting is one of the easiest and most common projects homeowners tackle before listing their home. Research shows it pays to be strategic about the paint colours to boost their bottom line.” Source: Zillow

Clever crows clean up litter

Cigarette butts on the ground are nasty, so a Swedish man, Günther-Hanssen, decided to train crows to help him clean them up. The machine he invented rewards the birds for every butt they pick up and place in a special trash can. Given that these feathery volunteers learn quickly, Gunther’s creation has the potential to save up to 15 million Kronor—the current cost of street cleaning to remove the butts. Source:

Fun Fact

Your cat’s purring has health benefits?  Studies have shown that a cat’s purr can improve bone density, help with pain, reduce stress, and even aid with depression and anxiety.

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