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Stay kleen

Distance yourself from germs on bus and subway handles and poles, doorknobs, gas pumps, grocery carts, walker handles or wheelchairs. These easy-to-use wraps have wear resistant antimicrobial properties that continue fighting germs even after multiple washes. Comes with a mesh bag for storage, carrying, washing and reuse.

Project Aria glasses deconstructed to show each part

Looking smart

An experimental research prototype called Project Aria is an augmented reality device built to resemble a standard pair of glasses. Working with Ray-Ban to design the frames, Facebook plans to launch these consumer smart glasses in 2021.

Nike Fly Ease running shoes in multicoloured

Step-in. Step out

With its unique design, Nike’s FlyEase is another step toward accessibility for people with limited motor skills or range of motion issues. Their unique slip-in design is hands-free thanks to the hinge which is placed just forward of the shoe’s heel.

Plan seats with an empty spot for a wheelchair accessible spot

Fly in your wheelchair?

A prototype of a new airline seat with side-slip design allows for Passengers of Restricted Mobility (PRM’s) to fly more comfortably in their own wheelchairs. The goal is to eliminate injuries caused during transfers, increase dignity and avoid damage to wheelchairs. The seat design also ensures airlines do not lose any revenue or real estate.

Molon Labe Seating

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