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What’s on grandma’s wish list?

This year, with many of us apart for the holidays, our editors have put together a list of thoughtful, yet practical gifts that are easy to find and affordable. There’s still time to show someone how much you care! Choose from some of our favourites:

Comfy as can be

“The Dream” takes the chill off while watching TV or sitting in bed. Choose from a wide range of relaxing colours and patterns. It features a big hood, huge front pockets, (for the remote) and ribbed, cuffed sleeves. To clean, just toss in the wash and tumble dry on low.

Available on


The gift of “connection” for a year 

Give the gift of worry-free, reliable internet and cell service for a year with a new senior-friendly combo package from AllCore. No contract, affordable, and backed up by the nicest customer service team, ever.

Visit or call 1-855-546-5430

Help a caregiver

Perfect for a friend or family member who is looking after a relative or friend, The Complete Guide for Family Caregivers offers good advice, support and tips for taking care of yourself. Written by the editor of Caregiver Solutions Magazine, this book is a must-have for anyone with an aging parent.

Available for purchase here

How handy?

Dinner-time just got easier with these great stocking stuffers, and so did teeth brushing, knitting and writing. In pretty grey, a set of these soft, easy to use, add-on gripper handles are especially appreciated by folks living with arthritis or limited grasping ability.

Get it here

Comfortable gardening!

This garden bench/kneeler is ideal for the green thumb on your list. It’s wonderful for kneeling down while planting, pulling pesky weeds or harvesting. Gran or Gramps can simply grab the handles and lower themselves down. The waterproof foam pads on both sides make it safe and pain-free for sitting too.

Available here


This handy tablet, made for older adults, lets them connect and chat with a simple tap on the screen. Whether it’s browsing online, sending voice messages and emails, or video chatting, the grandpad’s high definition display and dual speakers make it the best present ever.

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Mighty MedPlanner

A sleek and private alternative with reinforced elastic grid to hold diabetic supplies, EpiPen, an inhaler, or other medical supplies. With lots of storage, and a hard nylon shell, it’s discreet enough to make people think it’s your tech or cosmetics bag.

Find this here

An easy puzzle

A fun gift to bring back memories and keep things light, these hand-crafted wooden puzzles are designed for those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke, or Arthritis. Also comes with an easy to hold tray that keeps the pieces in place.
Get it here

A door bell and more

Safety first. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro lets everyone see who’s at your door with clarity and detail. It also comes with advanced motion detection to keep the user abreast of any front porch activity.

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Hands off cleanup

Packed with performance for powerful dirt pickup, the Roomba is ideal for those who live alone or together. Goodbye crumbs, dust, dirt and pet hair.

Find it here

Everyone has a story

Help a loved one tell their life story. This thought-provoking journal contains well-organized questions that prompt and encourage the recording of important memories.

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