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FYI: What You Need To Know

Abilities Summer FYI: What You Need to Know about boosting confidence, ultra-processed foods and the ABCDE technique for mole inspection.

3 exercises to build your confidence

• Break down goals into smaller tasks—this makes setting them more manageable by focusing on each individual step, and celebrating each achievement.
• Review evidence—don’t let fear and anxiety take over. Be proud of past accomplishments and compliment yourself regularly. 
• Ask loved ones—the people in your life are there because they care about you. They see the strengths that you cannot.

Is it ultra-processed?

The foods we eat can be broken down into three categories: Unprocessed (whole foods like fresh fruits/vegetables, eggs, meat, and rice); Processed (cheeses, canned goods with additives, and meat preserved with salt), and Ultra-processed (any food containing added colours, sugars, salts and preservatives with no nutritional benefits). Ultra-processed foods typically offer convenience and are tasty but never very nutritious. Diets high
in ultra-processed food also increase the risk of colorectal cancer.  

Signs of abnormal moles

Follow the ABCDE technique when checking for cancerous moles.

Asymmetry: Healthy moles are symmetrical (equally sized).

Border: the mole’s border is crooked, irregular or jagged. 

Colour: the mole is more than one colour 

Diameter: width of mole is greater than 6mm (size of a pencil eraser). 

Evolution: mole is constantly changing in size, shape and colour.

Seek the advice of a health care professional for any questionable moles or lumps.

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