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Keeping friendships

When you’re caregiving friends may struggle with your new situation, not know what to say and when and, perhaps, call or text less often. Try reaching out yourself when you have a few minutes between tasks. Be open about what you’re going through and how they might help without being too negative. And. think of little things to do that show you still care about them. BTW…don’t get defensive when you’re told you seem busy. Explain how you’re spending your time. And, cherish the friends who support you.

Struggling with perfectionism?

In a world where flawed people who live everyday lives has been replaced by lovely models who live ideal lives, some of us get stuck trying to follow suit. In that journey, unhealthy feelings of being unworthy, unwanted and or unloveable surface Trauma expert Dr. Julie Lopez, has these suggestions to help us counteract the need to be “perfect”:

• Make a list of likes and dislikes to help you show up authentically instead of performatively
• Practice saying no to things there are not preferred
• Get better and more comfortable making mistakes
• This means growing “risk tolerance” and self-soothing with reassuring statements
• Increase self-compassion knowing you tried your best
• Find a group of authentic people where you can be vulnerable.

Stop insurance fraud

Costing all of us in the form of higher premiums, fighting fraud is everyone’s business. 

1) Never accept referrals from strangers for either medical services or repairs 
2) Don’t sign blank claims forms
3) Keep records and compare them with statements from your provider
4) Report crimes to either Crime Stoppers, Insurance Bureau of Canada or your insurers.

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