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 Naughty little lies

  • Men lie twice as confidently as women.
  • Prolific liars are good with words.
  • Only 50% of us catch a lie.
  • 40% of lies are told by a small number of people.
    Most common lies include exaggeration, hiding info and burying lies under truth.


So next time you’re feeling wary, watch for warning signs beyond the spoken word like contrived charm, lack of shame and fancy stories.

Delivery robot

Delivery robots could be climbing stairs near you soon. A walking package delivery robot called Digit is now for sale for more than $100k. The robot already has at least one buyer in Ford, which purchased some of the bipedal bots to continue its research on a last-mile delivery program.



Just logged into CRA to print my tax assessment and noticed this: “Help for persons with hearing, speech, or visual impairments”. You can get this notice in braille, large print, or audio format. For more information about other formats, go to

Arthritis: Not just for seniors

Arthritis is more than just joint pain and it’s not just for older adults. It affects people of all ages, genders, and races. There are over 100 different types and related conditions affecting 6 million Canadians. That’s one in five. And the way it affects one person can be completely different from someone else.
Source: arthritis society

Roadside breathalyzer tests

Asthma Canada is working to change some policies concerning roadside Breathalyzer testing, given the fact that millions of Canadians with asthma or other severe breathing issues find testing difficult or even impossible. Currently, motorists unable to provide a proper sample register an automatic fail. One solution, the introduction of a substitute testing mechanism for anyone unable to produce significant enough breath to generate an accurate reading.

Lung Cancer Canada

Myth: Only smokers get cancer.
Fact: The causative association between tobacco use and lung cancer is well established however, it also occurs at high rates in lifelong never-smokers, and lung cancer in never-smokers is among the leading causes of cancer related mortality. Second hand smoke, radon, personal history of cancer or other lung disease, family history, and pollutants in the environment can all potentially cause lung cancer. According to Lung Cancer Canada, the number of new cases of lung cancer across Canada is on the rise, but the trend can be reversed through improved access to best practices in screening, diagnosis, treatment and palliative care.

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