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New tinnitus smartphone treatment

“Encouraging results” have come out of a new trial that used a smartphone-based “digital polytherapeutic” approach to treat tinnitus. The therapy uses an app that can be downloaded onto any iPhone or Android smartphone. Each treatment plan is personalized to the individual’s experience of tinnitus, but it generally involves the person listening to a variety of sounds through Bluetooth headphones and providing the app with feedback.

World’s smartest bicycle helmet

A revolutionary new prototype, PYLO combines the latest in digital, safety, design, and manufacturing technologies. PYLO integrates many industry-firsts, including key automotive safety and driver assistance technologies, an array of smart safety tech such as LIDAR radar sensors, 3D immersive sound, LED light indicators, a Face Shield Airbag, a Smart 360° Surround Safety System and a versatile 3D-knitted inlay.


WX-1 Waterproof Trousers

These waterproof trousers are unlike others available. They are custom made for the individual to ensure that they fit correctly, and are designed for maximum comfort.


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