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An accessible online marketplace for adaptive and inclusive fashion brands. The platform focuses on garments designed for disabled, mobility-impaired, and chronically ill persons. Adaptista removes physical barriers faced by disabled consumers when shopping online and creates a community for designers living with disabilities to thrive.



The eiCOMPASS project was designed to gather a network of homecare providers and partners nationwide to develop specific health caregiver skills in order to deliver emotionally-intuitive, competency-based palliative care at home. This initiative, funded by Health Canada, will take place over the next three years.


3D printed shoe

In a reinterpretation of classic shoe design, Auxetic Wear is a 3D printed shoe that utilizes an auxetic structure to adapt itself to the ergonomics of its wearer’s foot. Combining traditional crafts with modern technology, the designers emulate techniques from classic shoemaker craftsmanship to devise a design that displays a stitched and glued pattern consisting of low-profile two-dimensional shapes.

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