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Planning ahead

Decisions you should make in your 60s (or sooner).
Buying critical illness or long-term care insurance.
At what age to start government pensions.
When or whether to sell off non-financial assets, like the family cottage, and under what circumstances.
Choosing the criteria (including fees) on which service-providers will be assessed.
Whether to purchase an annuity, and at what age.
Picking service-providers for legal, financial planning and investments.
Deciding how quickly to draw down your savings.
Choosing your investment policy.
Writing your will and creating a power of attorney.
Whether you will co-sign loans for your grown-up children.
A formal business succession plan.
What type of long-term care you will want, and who to trust.
Source: National Post

Having ‘the talk’ with teens

If you have ever worried about sex education for teens with disabilities, worry no more. In Uppsala Sweden, new sex-ed books have been developed to explain sex and relationships with the help of simple texts and illustrations. A school nurse and two teachers are the brains behind the books. “It’s a difficult and sensitive subject that’s been neglected. But we know it’s of importance,” says nurse Vija Bjelvenfeldt and her co-authors, Margareta Nymansson and Hillevi Törmä, for both students and teachers. “You need to respect teens, especially during puberty. Standard children’s books on the subject are simply too childish,” she said.


Are you a friend?

Dementia Friends Canada is a national awareness and public engagement initiative. The aim is to create a more aware and informed Canadian population to dispel myths and reduce stigma about dementia by encouraging individual actions. Dementia Friends Canada is engaging Canadians in understanding what it means to live with dementia, and how to better support those affected within the community. The program is part of an international movement inspired by the Dementia Friends United Kingdom program, which was modeled after Japan’s Dementia Supporters. Simply put a Dementia Friend is someone who learns a little bit more about what it’s like to live with dementia and then turns that understanding into simple actions that can help people with dementia live well. To become a Dementia Friend/Dementia Friend Ambassador please visit

For the love of riding

CanTRA or the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association is a registered charity and a governing body for therapeutic riding based in Canada.  The objective of CanTRA is to provide therapeutic riding for people with disabilities. It has been successful in establishing standards for horseback riding as a therapeutic and recreational activity with the help of medical experts. CanTRA also provides coaching and horses for those who love to ride, training them to be competitive in collaboration with the Canadian Para Equestrian Committee. CanTRA also aims promote research, maintains high standards of registered Canadian Therapeutic Riding instructors and provides support to student instructions while offering a continuous education. For more information, visit

6  Months protection – Nothing to sneeze at!

This is the length of time that a flu vaccination can help you from getting sick according to new research by San Diego’s Navel Health Research Center. Scientists suggest those vaccinated were 50-70 per cent less likely to visit a doctor for
flu-like symptoms.

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